We have a new Amur tiger


A male Amur tiger has arrived to the Moscow zoo, his name is Umar, and he’s living on the Animal Island now. He’s young and a bit shy with people, but is getting used to his keepers.

He loves playing with balls and boxed.

— His name is Umar which means «Life». We hope he’ll have a long life! — told us an interim director Svetlana Akulova.

Umar is a participant of an international breeding program, and soon he’ll be leaving us for Denver where a bride is already waiting for him. Moscow zoo has been successfully breeding Amur tigers — this is the rarest tiger subspecies. There are less of them in nature than in zoos. Last year we’ve sent our tigers too Voronezh, Perm, and Tashkent zoos, and this year we’re planning to send more to USA and Japan zoos. Moscow zoo visitors have a chance to see our Umar before he leaves for Denver.