The offspring of one of the largest birds in the world, the white-tailed eagle, has appeared at Moscow Zoo. Two feathered predators hatched at the end of April.

“For us, the birth of white-tailed eagles is a very important event, as they do not often breed in zoos. This is the first offspring of our pair of eagles. We have created the most natural conditions for the birds: our employees were watching closely the process of incubation and feeding, but their help was not required. Everything went very well: both parents took turns incubating their eggs, and then together they fed the chicks,” said Svetlana Akulova, General Director of Moscow Zoo.

After hatching the young eagles were in no hurry to show themselves to the public - they stayed in their nest for about two more months. Their parents actively protected them, especially the female. During the period of caring for chicks, she becomes very aggressive. The male was calmer, but also very defensive for his family.

The sex of the chicks has not yet been determined, but the zoo staff suggested that they were male and female. The white-tailed eagle females are always much larger. The female was the first to hatch; she was the first to fly out of the nest, and now behaves like a real older sister: she is much more active, and is always the first to take food. The younger chick keeps nearby.

Now the chicks have already reached the size of an adult bird, but they still have "young" plumage - it is darker than that of adults. Feathers will begin to change in the third year, and only by the age of five, the birds will be covered with real "grown-up" plumage with their distinctive feature - the white tail.

Special niches were prepared for the nests in the eagles' aviary, while the eagles built the nest on their own from birch and spruce branches that were placed in the aviary by the Zoo employees.

In nature, white-tailed eagles live in separate pairs, forming a couple for life. They become very attached to their nest and return to it every year. Sometimes they even pass it on to descendants by inheritance. In our Zoo, white-tailed eagles live in the "Rock of Predatory Birds" enclosure in the Old Territory. Eagles are listed in the IUCN Red List and the Russian Red Book.