Зоопарк Онлайн Zoo Educator`s Day in Moscow Zoo

Zoo Educator`s Day in Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo will organize the following 4 events. Don`t miss them!

1 p.m. Lecture (visitors older than 12 years) Animals with Human Faces (based on the French book "Сцены частной и общественной жизни животных", 1842) The lecture will be delivered by Vera Milchina, literature and culture historian and translator, finalist of the "Educator" prize. The book was published with beautiful illustrations by the French artist Granville who depicted human beings with animal heads, dressed in fashionable clothes of that time. The text was written by famous writers,such as Balzac and George Sand. Vera Milchina will tell the visitors about this book and show some illustrations fr om it. Where: ZOO Gallery (the Old Territory)

3 p.m. Lecture (visitors older than 6 years) How to Save the Steller`s Sea Eagle This interactive lecture will be delivered by a well-known biologist and journalist Ilya Kolmanovsky and a scientist of international recognition, ornithologist, Professor Vladimir Ostapenko, who has been working at the Moscow Zoo for more than 30 years. Professor Ostapenko will tell the visitors about his studies of the Steller`s Sea Eagle, endemic and the largest bird of prey in Russia. Where: the Bird House

4 p.m. Guided tour (visitors older than 6 years) The Tree of Life - Who is Sitting Where? What is known about the animals` evolution fr om studying their molecules Guide - George Bazykhin, biologist, DSc of Princeton University (USA), head of the molecular evolution sector of the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of Russian Academy of Science, chief researcher of bioengineering and bioinformatics faculty of the Moscow University. This lecture by George Bazykhin during a guided tour is one of the best ways to learn all about evolution and see some of its mechanisms with your own eyes.
Where: the Primate House, then the Moscow Zoo territory

5 p.m.
The excursion with lecture (from 3 years old)

Olga Kuvykina – a journalist, writer, the author of children`s popular science bestsellers «Письма насекомых» and «Клад на подоконнике». The excursion with lecture for children and parents about likes and dislikes for insects in different countries. Olga Kuvykina will tell about the most incredible insects from around the world. She will also explain why some insects are scaring for people and some are considered to be sacred. The congratulation on The Black Cat Day will take place after the excursion. Wh ere: The Birds and Butterflies pavilion (New Territory)

Excursions and lectures are free, but you should send the application to the e-mail p.prosvetitel@gmail.com to book your participation.

You can also visit the site www.premiaprosvetitel.ru and learn about all the other lectures which are going to be held in the same day in Moscow museums.

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