Moscow Zoo is the first zoo opened in Russia and one of the oldest in Europe. It was opened on February 13 (January 31) 1864. The zoo was organized as a scientific and educational institution by the Royal Russian Society for the Acclimatization of Animals and Plants. Now Moscow Zoo has the largest collection of animals in Russia and it is the head zoological and methodical center among Russian zoos.

Moscow Zoo's activities are aimed at implementing all the major tasks of the zoos:

  • Nature conservation - the zoo is keeping and breeding rare and endangered species of animals, takes part in reintroduction of the animals in nature and in monitoring natural populations.
  • Research - the zoo does scientific research aimed at both improving the conditions of keeping the animals in captivity and breeding them, and at collecting information necessary for saving the species in nature and for the development of fundamental science; the research results are published and the zoo takes part in scientific cooperation.
  • Educational - guided tours and lectures on biology and nature conservation issues are held at the zoo, and it provides for high quality and full-range keeping of the additional exposition; also, the zoo provides information for the media sources.
  • Recreational - the zoo offers to its visitors the opportunities to have a rest and use the catering facilities.