• African hunting dog Lycaon pictus

    High-frequency twitter and whistle of a female

    Low-frequency whines of a female

  • American bison Bison bison

    Female bison is snorting when waiting for feeding

  • Brown-headed tamarin Saguinus fuscicollis

    Contact trilling calls in a group

  • Bushdog Speothos venaticus

    Call-over of two animals, running around the enclosure

    Series of calls of an animal who has lost contact with its pair mate

  • Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus

    A cub is alarmed by appearance of unfamiliar human

    A cub who lost in enclosure, is asking for a walk

    Adult male is attracting attention of a keeper

    Aggressive sounds of a cheetah howl, growl and hiss

    Calls of a male courting a female

    Comfort purring of an adult female

    Gurgling sounds during a meeting of familiar males

  • Chinchilla Chinchilla laniger

    Anxiety calls