Департамент культуры--> The annual EAZA expert conference on small mammals

The annual EAZA expert conference on small mammals


During 27-30th of March, in Montpellier city (France) annual EAZA experts conference on small mammals and small carnivores took place. 18 specialists from 6 countries took part in this meeting. Papers on conservation and saving of worlds unique species of mammals were made. Breeding strategy of mastelids in European Zoos was discussed. Colleagues of Moscow Zoo made a grand interesting report on keeping, breeding and behavior of captive streaked tenrecs (Hemicentetes nigriceps). Groups’ co-chairman recommended repeating this paper as registered plenary one in autumn annual EAZA meeting. When scientific part of the meeting was over, members viewed exposition of Montpellier Zoo, even they took a look at constructing pavilion “Amazonia” (one of the biggest in Europe). Also they visited the ornithological park Kamark and zoo-safari Sijon.