Зоопарк Онлайн The EAZA Research Strategy

The EAZA Research Strategy

In April 2008 the Executive Office of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria published the EAZA Research Strategy that was adopted last year. This important document of the international zoo community is aimed at facilitating research in zoos and aquariums. While indicating that participating in research projects is one of the main tasks of zoological gardens, the Strategy also gives recommendations on subjects and methods of research, and on ways of gaining maximum benefits for zoos from research results. The Strategy also outlines the EAZA research action plan, lists specific zoo research projects and useful references, and provides recommendations on ways of finding additional sources of funds.
Russian translations of important directive documents on zoo research have already been published on our website, and have also been incorporated into the new publication under the title of Zoo Research Guidelines. And now we are happy to present the Russian translation of the Research Strategy, and we hope that it is going to facilitate research in all Russian-speaking zoos.